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Our studio specializes in yoga therapy and other complementary wellness practices to help your patients

better manage stress, experience quicker recovery, and sustained well-being.

Complementary Healing Modalities for Rehabilitation and Therapy Centers

We collaborate with your rehabilitation center to integrate complementary healing modalities to your existing treatment plans. Since every individual responds differently to treatment, whether pharmacological or psychological, offering alternative programs can be just the thing to win over a client’s resistance to recovery. Most importantly, these tools typically present fewer side effects (relative to medication) and can continue to be practiced upon post-treatment and returning to everyday life.

Therapeutic Modalities Offered

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Guided Meditation & Imagery
  • Physical Fitness
  • Specialty Massage
  • Acupuncture or Cupping
  • Sound Healing Therapy

* Other modalities may be available with

our network of therapists. 

Yoga Therapy

This holistic practice empowers your patients by teaching them how to deepen the connection with their body, thoughts, and emotions. Most importantly, patients are taught practical stress management and coping skills that they can apply daily during and after their treatment program.

Guided Mediation & Imagery

This powerful practice rewires critical pathways in the brain to promote positive feelings and mindfulness.¹  It is a priceless tool that your patients will be able to use anywhere and anytime to help with challenges like reducing cravings or internal chatter that can trigger relapses.

Physical Fitness

This active class allows patients to use movement and exercise to increase endorphins for a natural “high”. Patients are guided safely as they practice principles of mindfulness and self-care rather than competition.

Specialty Massage

Patients experiencing somatic and/or psychosomatic disorders may benefit greatly with special massage modalities. Our massage therapists may employ techniques such as craniosacral, polarity, reiki, lymphatic drainage, and others to aid in detoxification and realign the physical and energetic body.

Acupuncture or Cupping

This time-tested traditional Chinese technique allows patients to experience pain relief, balance in the body’s internal systems, and/or aid in stress reduction by increasing flow of blood and energy (also known as “Qi”). Patients may choose between two options: acupuncture (needle) and cupping (needle-less).

Sound Healing Therapy

This unique therapy introduces patients to medicinal melodies created by instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks, which help to detoxify and remove physical and energetic blockages. Patients simply lie back to experience a deep state of relaxation and internal healing.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Advanced Training + Experience

    Our team members are experienced and sensitive to working with clients experiencing health conditions including chronic stress and pain. We value and provide continued support and training to better service your patients’ needs.

  • Integration + Collaboration

    We facilitate and encourage collaboration amongst our therapists across healing modalities. This fosters integration of principles and techniques so your patients can realize synergistic benefits.

  • Staffing + Recruiting

    Save HR time in ad posting, interviewing, checking references, and scheduling. We have a team of therapists and instructors qualified and available to fit your needs.

  • Ease of Scheduling

    We can offer recommendations for the most efficient format and can also handle subbing needs (if applicable) to ensure service without disruptions.

  • Simplified Account + Payroll

    Hiring our team allows for an easy payroll. You’ll only need to issue one check per pay period to us instead of handling multiple invoices from different contractors.

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