reLEASE: FREE Workshop – Yoga Therapy For Chronic Upper Back and Neck Pain
Sunday, November 22nd 2-4pm
Just like the fibers in the fabric of a sweater, one pull on a piece of connective tissue can affect muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. As their wrappings are distorted pain can often be produced. Perhaps it’s a dull ache in your shoulders, a sharp pain in the back of your neck, or a tingling of your fingers after a stressful commute home. These symptoms are often caused by repetitive movement and chronic stress patterns that we all share.
Energetically this section of the body is the channel between your head and your heart. When this part of the body is chronically sore and fatigued it makes our personal connection to our goals harder to maintain. In this two hour workshop we use therapeutic heart-openers and Yoga tune-up therapy balls to unwind tense shoulders and release stress from the neck.
Please expect slow movement linked to breath, and to learn a few myofascial release techniques using the Yoga Tune-up therapy balls.

Workshop is FREE but space is limited! RSVP to