re:YOGA Therapy + Wellness is a wellness-based company that approaches health from a holistic perspective.





Our mission is to serve individuals, organizations, and members of our community by offering personalized service and guidance on how to relieve and manage pain and disease symptoms and experience increased levels of function and vitality through the principles and philosophies of yoga therapy and complementary wellness services. Through our integrative programs and resources, yoga and wellness can be accessible to everyday people and incorporated into everyday life!


We believe in setting strong foundations, and likewise ours are based on our Core Values and Philosophies.





  1. Integrity – accountable, professional, respectful, discreet, honest, and ethical
  2. Service – humility to serve, facilitate, and empower
  3. Knowledge – continually educate, reeducate, and question existing beliefs to gain new perspectives
  4. Balance – in body, mind, emotions, energy to establish “homeostasis” (physiological tendency towards stable equilibrium)
  5. Discipline – commitment with appropriate levels of effort and energy
  6. Mindfulness – consideration, awareness, and clarity
  7. Non-harming – words, thoughts, judgements, behaviors, or intentions directed to others or self
  8. Listening – communicate by seeking to understand before being understood
  9. Compassion – love to self, others, situations, and environment
  10. Community – support, outreach, and participation


Yoga is a powerful tool for strength, flexibility, and stress relief. In addition, our philosophy on wellness brings our clients added value and benefits.

Integration of Traditional AND Modern Therapeutic Techniques
We combine time-tested traditional techniques with modern research and formulas for a more integrative approach.


Mindful Lifestyle and Patterns
We take lifestyle habits into consideration which may include patterns in movement, sleep, diet, work, leisure activities, and relationships.


Supporting Consistency in Self-Care
We serve as advocates to help develop and maintain a self-care regimen to sustain a long-term wellness practice, thereby preventing “yo-yo” plans and results.


5 Kosha Model
We address and facilitate health and wellness at the 5 layers/bodies of being:

  • Physical Body
  • Energetic Body
  • Mental/Emotional Body
  • Wisdom/Intuitive Body
  • Bliss Body


Respect Individuality
We consider each individual’s unique condition (including strengths and limitations). Rather than asking for conformity to a set of rigid rules, we respect individual differences and offer personalized solutions.


Participation in Community and Outreach
We seek to offer support to our clients and those in our community. Meanwhile, we encourage our clients to befriend and support one another facilitated through our classes, events, outreach and volunteer programs.