Corporate Wellness Program

Employees’ Health + Happiness  =  Company’s Productivity + Profitability

Wellness Strategies for Your Workplace

Health and productivity are inextricably linked. This is why our employee wellness program focuses on a preventative, integrative, and holistic approach. We consider your employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health to affect your company’s bottom line. Learn how benefits from a wellness program may be realized throughout the company’s culture – from staff to client experience. Whether you’re looking to start a wellness program, add to your existing offerings, or simply have some questions, we’re here to help!

Every $1 invested on employee wellness yields roughly $3-$4 in savings

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Reduce Medical Claims and Costs

    Beyond exercise, we specialize in various therapeutic and preventative care practices to help your company reduce workers compensation claims and keep insurance premiums low.

  • Reduce Sick Leave and Presenteeism

    Our holistic approach helps to improve your employee’s overall health conditions to reduce requested sick leave and deter presenteeism (performing work at sub-optimal levels while sick).

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

    Employees remain loyal when they know that their company and management team genuinely values their efforts and cares about their wellbeing.


Value of Investment (VOI)

  • Attract & Retain Quality Talent

    Stand apart from other companies in your industry to attract and retain quality talent. Ask about some of our unique classes and services that aren’t typically found in other gyms or centers.

  • Increase Productivity & Creativity

    Investing to help employees ‘reboot’ their system goes a long way when it comes to productivity and creativity. We utilize specific tools and techniques to help your employees prevent burnout.

  • Encourge Collaboration & Communication

    We integrate mindfulness and stress management across our various service offerings. This better prepares team members to collaborate and communicate more effectively and respectfully.

Let us support you in creating and implementing a wellness program tailored to your company’s needs and culture!

Employee Wellness Services Offered

Available for private or group settings: 

  • Yoga (Fitness + Therapy)
  • Guided Meditation & Imagery
  • Physical Fitness
  • Massage (Chair or Table)
  • Acupuncture or Cupping
  • Sound Bath

* Other modalities may be available with

our network of trainers and therapists. 

Yoga (Fitness + Therapy)

Habitually sitting, standing, walking, lifting, or driving creates stiffness and eventual wear and tear. Yoga helps to lengthen and condition muscle fibers to provide physical and mental relief. Guided breathing also helps to refuel the body and particularly the brain to prevent mental burnout.

Guided Mediation & Imagery

This powerful practice rewires critical pathways in the brain to promote positive feelings and mindfulness.¹  It is the mind’s reset button to enhance focus and stimulate creativity. It’s stress relieving effects also encourage more effective communication and collaboration among team members and clients/customers.

Physical Fitness

Bring fitness right to the workplace for an instant energy boost, perfect during the midday lulls. Through movement and exercise, employees increase endorphins and boost their immune systems, keeping them healthy throughout the year.


Treat your employees and executive team to massages to relieve aches and knots in the body. Sessions may be offered in chairs or on massage tables with a variety of massage techniques ranging from deep tissue to specialty energy balancing massages.

Acupuncture or Cupping

This time-tested traditional Chinese technique aids in pain relief, stress reduction, and balances the body’s internal systems by stimulating circulation through the body. Needleless option (cupping) is also available. These treatments are both preventative and curative to reduce healthcare costs.

Sound Bath

This unique experience is created with instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks, which help to remove physical and mental blockages. Simply lie back to experience a deep state of relaxation and allow the body and mind to recharge at the cellular level.


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